About Us

Our Approach

Every lawyer needs to be technically proficient, and we are, but that’s just the beginning of what we offer.

Trusted Advisor

We want to be your trusted advisor, not just your lawyer. We strive to earn that trust by being proactive, problem-solving, creative, and strategic. We learn your business, anticipate your needs and focus on your goals. We put our legal advice into the context of what it means for you.

Effective Communications

We are very good at communicating clearly and concisely. You’re probably not interested in a lengthy legal memo for every decision you need to make (and, other than in unusual circumstances, that’s not where we want to spend our time). We’d much prefer to provide clear advice in a telephone consultation or concise written recommendation that you can use with other executives and board members.

Useful Advice

We provide legal advice that is ready for you to use. Based on our knowledge of your business, we translate legal analysis into decision-ready advice that you can use directly to make business decisions. We don’t respond to your questions with a simple "That's OK" or "No, you can't do that," but will outline your available options and tell you what other businesses in your situation normally do.

Helpful Instruction

We make sure that you are sufficiently knowledgeable about the legal issues affecting your business, and take time to educate you and your staff when needed. We tell you what the law says and explain how it affects the way you do business so that you can spot problems in advance.

Broad Scope

We address a wide range of issues and concerns for our clients, from day-to-day legal issues to complex business transactions. We have deep expertise in the health care and high technology fields, but as a small firm, we can’t possibly know everything about every area of law. So we serve as something of a legal "internist" – someone who can diagnose your problem, perform services within the scope of our expertise, and refer you to an affiliated specialist for "major surgery" if needed. We have long-standing relationships with attorneys who have specialized expertise in areas that complement ours, as well as with other professionals, who we can draw upon as needed to meet your needs. In essence, we serve as a “virtual” larger firm, and can provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business.